Saturday, June 01, 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019

May Stitched and Sewn

I'm back on track now with my May postcards stitched and the blocks sewn up, with one day to spare.

My June calendar is looking crazy...hope I can get the next 4 postcards done.

4 more postcards....

I have been steadily stitching at my postcards in the evenings...

It's so fun seeing the different variations... some of you are so clever to make up your own pictures....


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

By request......

Ok girls here is the fabric I bought for my postcards quilt.....
It is a layer cake and I'm doing a stack and whack top then needleturning the postcards randomly on the top so I can add more if I'm so lucky to do more travel......

There you go.......

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Going good .........

......... and most of all, still having fun.
When the sun shines on your work and it can give you pictures like this.
Then when you put it on the couch for making better pictures .....there is one of the "helpers" to assist you.
If you wait to long .....then it is time for a nap..... ofcourse on your work.
Blok 10 is done.
It didn't went as well, but like Gwen Marston said "if it is to short, make it longer, if it is to long, cut it off" Maybe not these exact words but something like that.
I cut the strips 2½" and they should be 3½", so I sewed a 1½" strip on the two pieces.
I love it to use slightly different tone of color on the postcards.
I am nearly done with all the blocks from the book, I am trying not to make the same postcard twice.
So making my own postcards, is not that easy for me.
This one I like a lot because we do have three of them.
Sorry for the many pictures, second hobby {besides teasing Handsome (husband)} is photography.
Block 11 is done, in total I have to make 24 of them, so nearly half way there.
Have a nice day
Warm regards from Holland

Friday, May 17, 2019


Hi everyone, 
just letting you know that I have finally finished "Ruths Quilt".....
it is now quilted, bound and awaiting its new owner, 
my sister, 
for her very belated house warming present 
(she doesn't know about this!)

"Bonnie Doon Views" 
is the name I have for it now.

It's a great feeling to have it all done!
While I was quilting it, found something I forgot to do, 
(you might need to click on the photo to see properly)
Anyway too late to fix so it is going to get a tiny heart button instead!

haven't even started my postcards!
still trying to decide on what size to create.....

Still here.....

Slow going but getting there.....
Another 4 postcards....
I bought my fabric for the quilt so that is progress ......

Keep up the good work......