Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kitchen Kaper's Swap

So girls, are you having fun with our little "No Fuss" swaps.. Well now is the time to start thinking about whether you wish to sign up for the next one..
This swap will have a cooking theme to it...

We do have a couple of rules, but they are pretty basic...

1.  We will be only swapping within Australia.. (Sorry to all our overseas friends).
2.  You must have a blog.
3.  There is a strictly "No Extras" rule.  So if you feel like your the type of person who loves to add extra items to your swap, then this is not the swap for you.  We want to keep things simple.
Now you must be wondering what this swap is all about... so here is what you will need..

1.  One Tea towel - either bought or handmade..
2.  One Cookie Cutter
3.  One Spatula
4.  A Recipe Card.. (Add your favourite recipe to the card)..
5.  An Individually wrapped cookie..
Opening date is Tuesday the 14th June.. so make sure your parcel arrives before this date..

So if this feels like the swap for you then leave a comment below Before the 5th May.

So now that our 'photo' session is over...where are those cookies...
The Tuesday Girls
Sandi, Helen, Teresa & Norreen

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Are your tins full???

How's everyone going with the Stuff-A-Tin challenge? Hope you're having fun finding things to put in your tin!!! 
Don't forget opening day is 3rd May - less than 3 weeks away. You will need to post your swap parcel off to your partner in the next couple of weeks to ensure it gets there on time. 
It would be fantastic if everyone could email us a short message or leave a comment on the blog when parcels have been posted and received. Please send us a photo of your swap tins also so we can put it on the blog.   Hope you are all having fun and we cant wait to see what everyone has come up with..

Thanks girls! 

Teresa, Helen, Sandi and Norreen.