Monday, June 20, 2016

Kitchen Kapers photos....well done ladies

To Anita from Julz

To Anthea from Shez

To Cheryl from Illene

To Helen from Kaisievic

To Illene from Anita

To Jan from Christine

To Jo from Teresa

To Kiwikid from Helen

To Melody from Anthea

To Narelle from Melody

To O'Faigh from Susan

To Sandi from Vickie

To Shez from Jo

To Teresa from O'Faigh

To Julz from Norreen

To Norreen from Narelle

To Kaisievic from Cheryl

To Christine from Sandi

To Susan from Jan

To Vickie from Kiwikid

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Clayton's Christmas

Alright Girls, I have the draw for our next swap - the Christmas you have when you are not really having a Christmas...
We have 22 swappers in our swap.. So this will be a our usual down the line swap.  First makes for second, second makes for third, etc.  Last person makes for the first.  Opening day is Tuesday  26th July so please allow time for postage so your partner won't be disappointed,  and remember it is a Strictly NO EXTRAS Swap.. Most of all have fun...
To keep the sidebar updated, can you please send us a line or two when you have either sent or received your swap.

If everyone could contact their partner via email  so you can get your partner's address - the names with links are provided below.

If a problem does present itself then please don't hesitate, or leave it too late to contact us.

Just a reminder for what you need to send:
1.  A Christmas ornament - either bought or handmade
2. A Christmas fat quarter of fabric
3.  Christmas button/s
4.  A "small" treat..  remember the treat only needs to be around the size of a mars bar..

So are you ready for the draw?   Here we go, if you click on their names you will find the links to their blogs..


Have fun girls, remember these swaps are to be simple and our golden rule - No Extras...
Oh and it would be great if you can drop us a line occasionally to let us know that everything is going according to plan...

Thanks everyone and have fun.
The Tuesday Girls
Sandi, Teresa, Helen & Nor

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A Claytons Christmas

What else could we call this swap, after all it's not the "Real" Christmas, so it must be a Claytons.
We all, well most of us, love Christmas and although The Tuesday Girls don't usually celebrate Christmas in July, we thought we would this time round..

We do have a couple of general rules, but they are pretty basic...

1.  We will be only swapping within Australia.. (Sorry to all our overseas friends).
2.  You must have a blog AND BLOG REGULARLY (at least once a month).
3.  There is a strictly "No Extras" rule.  So if you feel like you're the type of person who loves to add extra items to your swap, then this is not the swap for you.  We want to keep things simple.
There will be four items in this swap but they are pretty simple..
You will need the following:
1.  A Christmas ornament - either bought or homemade..
2.  A Christmas fat quarter.
3.  Christmas button/s
4.  A small treat (we all like our treats to be bigger than 6 inches, lol, but please keep it small..)
So if this feels like the swap for you then leave a comment below Before the 20th June.
Opening date will be Tuesday the 26th July.. so make sure your parcel arrives before this date..
Oh and remember to have fun and keep it simple.
The Tuesday Girls
Sandi, Helen, Teresa & Norreen

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Sent / Received

Morning Girls,
How are your parcels going?  Opening day is just around the corner - 14th June, so I hope you are all either close to posting or have already posted.   My parcel is on its way to Christine, so keep an eye out for the postie..
I am having so much fun with these 'No Fuss' Swaps, are you enjoying them too? 
Well I just wanted to check in with everyone.  Please remember to drop us a line so we can mark you off as sent or/and received, oh and a photo after opening day would be great too..
We are looking forward to see what everyone had sent, oh and keep an eye out next week when we will blog about the next swap...  have fun girls...