Saturday, July 30, 2016

Clayton's Christmas swap photos.....

   To Christine from De

To De from Cheryl

To Helen from Christine

To Jan from Helen

To Jo from Maria

To Julz from Jan

To Kaylee from Julz

To Kiwikid from Jo

To Lynda from Teresa

To Maria from Shez

To Vickie fromLynda

To Shez from Susan

To Susan from Sandi

To Dzintra from Nor

To Illene from Kaylee

To Lisa from Dzintra

To Cheryl from Melody

To Sandi from Narelle 

To Nor from Illene

To Teresa from Lisa

Well done girls.....

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Clayton's Christmas

Hi Girls,
Just thought I would check in with everyone..  As you can see by the side bar that some of you have already sent  their swaps.   Well done girls, getting in early, I wish I could say the same.  I will be hand delivering my swap this time round which will be great but just because it is being delivered in person doesn't mean there will be any peeking... lol
How is everyone else going?   Anyone needing any assistance with anything, just drop us a line and we will see how we can help.. 
One of The Tuesday Girls is going away for 3 weeks so we will be working around this, please excuse us if you received replies from more than one of us.  We take turns when replying to comments but you know how it is, sometimes things don't turn out they way they are meant.. 
Anyhow, hope all is going well and you are having fun getting your parcels together. 
We will be posting our next swap next week, so keep an eye out for it - and - no - I am not giving any hints (although I am the one in the group who is partial to bribery, just don't tell the
Opening day is the 26th July, in-case you keep forgetting like I do..
That's all..
The Tuesday Girls
Sandi, Teresa, Helen and Norreen