Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Have You Got Your Tickets Ready?

Just checking in girls - how are we all going with our "Road Trip" swap.  I am doing rather well myself and posted my swap off yesterday, so keep an eye out for it Jan.  Opening day is the 13th of September.  I'll keep this short and sweet cause my internet is playing up again.  Anyone experiencing any problems please drop us a line and we will help as best we can.
See you all on opening day...
The Tuesday Girls
Sandi, Norreen, Teresa & Helen

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Road Trip !!!!! Swap

Ok  Girls, Time to pack your bags, grab those passports and jump on board with our next swap.- the Road Trip !!!! Swap...
We have 13 swappers,  So this will be a our usual down the line swap.  First makes for second, second makes for third, etc.  Last person makes for the first.  Opening day is Tuesday  13th September so please allow time for postage so your partner won't be disappointed,  and remember it is a Strictly NO EXTRAS Swap.. Most of all have fun...
To keep the sidebar updated, can you please send us a line or two when you have either sent or received your swap.

If everyone could contact their partner via email  so you can get your partner's address - the names with links are provided below.

If a problem does present itself then please don't hesitate, or leave it too late to contact us.
Just a reminder for what you need to send:

1.  A Laundry Bag - either bought or homemade.. (Approx - 50x60cm)

2.  A Luggage Tag - either bought or homemade.

3.  A fat quarter. (approx. 50x50cm).

4.  A packet of lollies.  (long trips equals lollies).
Here are your destinations...


Well that's all girls.  Hope you have fun on your 'travels'..and we will catch up with you all closer to the opening date.

Oh and for anyone who is interested - Kaylee of does laundry bags for "Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags" if you want to pop over and check it out..

That's all from us.. hope you all have a safe journey..
The Tuesday Girls.
Sandi, Helen, Teresa and Norreen

Monday, August 01, 2016

Last Chance

Just letting you know that today is the last day to 'jump on board' for our "Road Trip !!!!" Swap.  We will be doing the draw tomorrow so if you are contemplating joining in then quickly add your name to the list.  We hope to see you there..
The Tuesday Girls 
Sandi, Helen, Norreen & Teresa..

"Road Trip !!!!!!! " Swap

Anyone who knows The Tuesday Girls, would know that it doesn't take much to encourage us to do a "Road Trip".  So we felt it very appropriate to have a swap with this in mind..

We do have a couple of general rules, but they are pretty basic...

1.  We will be only swapping within Australia.. (Sorry to all our overseas friends).
2.  You must have a blog AND BLOG REGULARLY (at least once a month).
3.  There is a strictly "No Extras" rule.  So if you feel like you're the type of person who loves to add extra items to your swap, then this is not the swap for you.  We want to keep things simple.

There will be four items in this swap but they are pretty simple..
You will need the following:
1.  A Laundry Bag - either bought or homemade.. (Approx - 50x60cm)
2.  A Luggage Tag - either bought or homemade.
3.  A fat quarter.
4.  A packet of lollies.  (long trips equals lollies)

So if this feels like this is the swap for you then leave a comment below Before the 1st  August.
Opening date will be Tuesday the 13th September.. so make sure your parcel arrives before this date..
Oh and remember to have fun and keep it simple.
We will post the draw on the 2nd August.

The Tuesday Girls
Sandi, Helen, Teresa & Norreen

Road Trip !!!! Swap Clarification.

Hi girls,

Just thought I would add a little footnote about our next swap..  Number one should probably have been called a laundry bag.  This swap came about when The Tuesday Girls had a giggle about our 'classy' plastic bags we were using to put our dirty clothes in while on retreat.  We then thought how it would be nice to have something a little more fancier - hence the 'laundry bag' was the inspiration for our next swap.  Hope this helps with explaining what we mean by the bag...

The Tuesday Girls