Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Welcome Girls

It's been lovely having our stitch-a-long grow in numbers - welcome to all the new girls..
I have been blown away by the variety of different fabrics everyone has chosen, not to mention the assortment of threads being used too.   I am persisting with the variegated dmc threads I have had sitting around for years - trying desperately not to chop them up into varying shades..
I have completed four more blocks so far - I don't mind being ahead a little so when things get busier especially as we near Christmas, I will not fall too far behind..
I will trim them down later..
Well that's all for me today..  keep up the great work girls...


Christine said...

How funny you are. The blues are lovely.

Fiona said...

so pretty....


Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

They look great. Love the variegated thread.

Anthea said...

Your fabric & threads are lovely.

I will tell you my experience & knowledge with the variegated DMC threads... the ones that are in the low 100s, were the first variegated threads that DMC had in their range; and as per your experience, they don't change colour enough to make them useful & lovely for small designs.
DMC have added new colours over the years & the newer variegated threads are so much better, only a few inches of colour before they change. These are 4-digit thread numbers, starting with either a 3 or a 4.
I have chopped up the DMC115 in the past, to use for Christmas stitcheries; it wasted so much thread & was just so annoying... SO, if you want a good variegated DMC, take a look at the ones with the higher thread numbers!
(I hope all that made sense!)

Susan said...

They look lovely Sandi no matter how you chop the threads!