Sunday, November 12, 2017

No Fuss Christmas Swap

I thought it might be nice to run a little swap for Christmas and this should also run with the present stitch-a-long theme of Ruth's Quilt.
Now seeing as some of us are having internet issues still (one of the reasons we stopped running our swaps), I thought we would make this swap open to non bloggers as well, but you do have to have been part of any  of our swap or Ruth’s stitch-a-long previously.
This is not a compulsory swap - only join in if you have the time to participate and are interested in having a little fun..

The Rules - 1.  Add your name to this post if you wish to join in by the 19th November.
                         I will post  your partners on the 20th.
                    2.  It will be a down the line swap - number 1 makes for 2, 2 makes for 3 etc.
                    3.  Opening day will be Christmas day so posting should be done well and truly
                         by this day - please allow for our slow postal service and Christmas rush.. we would
                         hate for anyone to be disappointed.
                    4.  When you send and receive just drop me a line and I will mark you off on the
                         side of the blog...
                    5.  Contact your swap buddies personally via email to exchange postal addresses.

The Requirements - 5 items needed for this swap..

 1.  Make something with a Ruth's quilt tag.  Choose a tag - any tag or design your own tag  and
      make something with it - a pin cushion, a needle book, a Christmas ornie, a bookmark -  don't
      let my examples uninspire you - you might have your own ideas on how you could
      incorporate one of the tags. Don't go over board - keep it simple and small...
  2.  1 x  Christmas tea-towel
  3.  1 x Piece of lace - 50cm
  4.  1 x Christmas button
  5.  1 x Small Christmas themed treat..

Individually wrap your gifts and put them in a small box, gift bag etc to be opened on Christmas day.
Remember - we do "No Fuss" swaps so don't get too stressed - it's meant to be a bit of fun.

If you have any questions then drop me a line and I will do the best to answer you asap - and don't leave it too long to contact me if you can not get hold of your swap partner for their address..

Well that's all - Who is in????




Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun swap,wish I could go in it but can't move out of my chair yet so I can't use a sewing machine.
I will look forward to seeing what the girls make,thankyou Tuesday girls for spreading Xmas cheer. Xx

retdairyqueen said...

I would love to be in it but am not a member of the stitch a long
Look forward to seeing everyones gifts

Maria said...

Like Illene I would love to join in the swap but not in the Stich A Long... can I still participate ? PLEASE 😁

Sandi said...

Ok I have had my arm twisted (but not very hard) - I have opened the swap to the Ruth’s quilt girls and to previous swap if you wish to join in - say yay or nah in the comments on this post...

Maria said...

Yes please, would love to join in .. thank you 😊

Erica C said...

Count me in please Sandi

simplestitches said...

love these cute little swaps!

Anthea said...

I'm IN! Thanks Sandi, this will be fun!

Susan said...

I'm in too (nearly missed the post)

bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

I'm in too. Should be easy and fun. Lynda.

retdairyqueen said...

PLease I would love to be in