Sunday, January 07, 2018

Here Is Something I Prepared Earlier

No only joking - I have no idea which month I completed these, so I am just saying "I'm Up To Date"
I am starting to enjoy using the variegated threads and it is interesting how the colours are changing on each stitchery..  I still can't resist chopping out variegations that don't change quick enough for my liking but I am doing the 'chopping' less and less..
It's been great seeing everyone else's blocks and their chosen colours.. Looking forward to seeing them all when they are finished..
Here are some - I prepared earlier..

Well that's it for me girls, hope you are all having a great new


Susan said...

You are probably well ahead....look great!

Anonymous said...

lovely Sandi i must get back into mine,well done xx

Erica C said...

You have been busy and I love all the colours Sandi. Time for me to get up to date too.

Fiona said...

They look lovely... I did have a laugh at you cutting your threads where the variegation doesn't suit you!!! haha.. only you!

Helen said...

That's our Sandi....chop
Looking good though

Narelle said...

Lovely colours in your stitcheries 😊