Monday, April 09, 2018

All Stitcheries Completed... Woo Hoo!

What a wonderful milestone... & I know I would not be at this stage of the project, had I not joined in with all you lovely ladies in this SAL.
I've finished all 35 of the stitcheries for Ruth's Quilt... & I'll blow my own horn & declare myself to be Super Chuffed!!
This is my final four... it felt quite exciting to stitch the year of 2018... as the girls at Patchwork joked "Well girl, you're committed now!" ... Being that it was the second last one I stitched, yes indeed I am committed♥
I genuinely LOVE this project.
 My self-set challenge with this project was to only join in if I could use fabrics I already owned, NO buying allowed; that challenge applied to the stitchery fabric too.
Well, I had no problem doing that, & in fact I returned some fabrics to their tub, because I had so many... I did of course buy thread, being that I had only one partially used skein on hand.

This is the fabric selection, which I hope will go together ok:
This pic was taken in a well-lit room, so they're shown brighter than they really are.

Thank you Helen & everyone here for the fun of this SAL so far... I really do look forward to the next stage of making this quilt... it won't be quick progress, due to other goings-on for me, but I do very much look forward to cutting & placing these fabrics!

Bye For Now ♥


Susan said...

Well done Anthea... I have started putting mine together - but still a way to go...

It has been a lot of fun - we need to be on the lookout for another easy peasy project to start on when this is done.

Raewyn said...

Awesome work on doing all your stitcheries done Anthea - I know it's going to look lovely with those fabrics - I look forward to seeing it all together :-)

simplestitches said...

well done! can't wait to see the top done...loving your colours!

Erica C said...

Well done! You should be proud of yourself.

Sandi said...

Well done Anthea, I love the idea of using what's in your stash, this has been a great project for using up ones stash. Looking forward to seeing it finished..xx

co coya said...

Beautiful work Raewyn...