Friday, September 07, 2018


Hi all, 
I'm sorry I haven't been around and even sorrier I didn't reply to the lovely comments last time I was here.  My life was sidetracked when my darling sister in law, suffering from MND, suddenly needed extra live in care 1000km from home before we finally said goodbye to her. Plus a trip to Canada to meet my only grandchild! 

Its all been a bit overwhelming for this homebody as has my UFO pile so I'm glad to say this is a FINISHED  project!

Not being a quilter I just did a simple double wiggly line down each long seam. My original plan was a straight line along each long seam and I'm not sure I shouldn't have stayed with that but this looks nice on the back.



Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Great finish . Well worth it. Some times life throws us a curve ball.

Susan said...

Christine - sorry to hear your life has been in turmoil - but a great finish....those wiggly lines would have been much quicker to stitch!

Helen said...

Lovely finish wiggly lines add to the charm of the quilt. Our stitching helps when we are going through life’s curve balls.

Helen said...

Your quilt looks great..... stitching helps us get throught the difficult times I think.

Erica C said...

Family always comes first. We will do anything for them. Your finished quilt looks gorgeous!