Thursday, January 31, 2019


I am enjoying these little postcards so much....

This is my 4 for January.....  I would like to make up the blocks too but that will just have to wait for now....

Monday, January 28, 2019

Januari is almost finished.....

......and I am still on schedule.
When you have a bowl with fabric to trough away.....
You know you are having fun.
You are playing with fabric. ;o)))
Have been busy cuting fabric.
A lot of 2½"strips.
Stitchery is going better and I still have fun making the "postcards".
Second block is ready.
Pictures are not that good, they have been taking by lamplight, sorry.
Next time they are taking by daylight.
Warm regards from Holland,

Saturday, January 26, 2019

I Have Started

I have my first four postcards completed.. I am loving 'tinkering' with them..
They don't take me long as I have shrunk the pattern by 50% - it will be a wall hanging and not a quilt when it is finished..
It's great seeing everyone else's starts..

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Finally made a start.....

I did a bit of tracing last week and this week sewed my first postcard....

I am sewing on a cream hanky linen with DMC 221 throughout.

These are fun to stitch......

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

3 Little Postcards

With no internet until today I got a few postcards done. Great fun remembering where and when and then stitching it....
Cheers Michelle xx

Monday, January 14, 2019

A slow start

I spent some of my Christmas holiday period pondering this quilt... I really want to do it - because I like to be part of a group...but I do have a number of other projects to focus on this, I came to the conclusion that I could do a cut down version - only 9 blocks, and personalise them to suit places that we have been to as a family.

Firstly, that needed some googling for images etc, and secondly, I had to decide fabrics.   I started with a collection of bright blues, greens,purples etc - those of you who know me can see that happening - easily - from my stash , , , , but then I remembered a fabric I was gifted last year - it features hot air balloons which I thought went with the travel theme.   It is softer than my normal tones, so I had to go find more fabrics . . . .

The original fabric is from Natalie Bird - who is local to me in Brisbane - so after a few emails I ordered more hot air balloons and some of the others in the range.
I then added more from a couple of retail therapy trips!

This is mainly what I will be using - featuring the hot air balloons in the larger pieces of each block.  It was very hard to find a suitable stitchery background to go with the taupe coloured background.  I think what I did find will work.  I am still to settle on threads.

I have drawn up about half of my postcards, but still need some more drawings for some of the places I want to include.

The main reason for posting this is to show that I have made progress, even though I have no sewing to show - due to some minor surgery on my right index finger....Gosh I am missing my stitching . . 😭

Happy Road Tripping!

Second Sunday in the .....

....year 2019 {already}
Time for a blog post.
Is everybody still having fun? I am that's for sure.
My first block is finished.
Picked the fabric more or less randomly, next time I have to look more at what I am doing.
The second postcard.
The block number 1 {A}
Have a very nice week with lots of needle work in it.
Warm regards from Holland

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hello Janene.....

Hi Janene..... 
hope you see this post.....
You left a comment wanting to join in this journey.....
You are most welcome....
your comment came up as a "no-reply" so unfortunately I can't get in touch with you....
if you see this please send me an email so I can send you an invitation so you can post here......
Look forward to hearing from you.....


Friday, January 04, 2019

Almost in a flap......

I was about to make a start on my stitching and then discovered I didn't  have any suitable background fabric for the stitcheries or enough vlisofix or whisper weft or threads........
OMG really !!!!!!
So a mad rush to the shops, not many open just at the moment but I did source exactly what I wanted......
Phew that was close.....

I would hate to get off to a bad start this early in the stitch-a-long.....
yes I know....
NO PRESSURE ...... but one does at least need to get started ......
I'm ready to go now,
I do hope you all enjoy the journey....
Happy stitching.....

Thursday, January 03, 2019

All Set

Fabrics at the ready.
Some tracing done...
Threads chosen and needle threaded!
Stitching happening.
Thanks for the add Helen.
Michelle xx

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Happy and Healthy 2019....

....for everyone.

2019 has started good for me.
I had a plan to start in the morning with my first "postcard".
The first one is done, plan is to make a card every Sunday.
When two cards are done, then immediately make the block A or B.
I am using the cards from the book (not in the same way as the book, just randomely), but the quilt is to short for me so have to make a few more.
Going to look on the net to see for other card ideas.
It has been way to long sinds my last stitchery.
It is not looking that good but that is fine by me.
At the end of this year I will put the first and last card next to eachother to see the improvement. (I hope)
Going to use repro fabric for this quilt from my stash.
This is really fun to do, thanks Helen. Can't wait to see the other ones (from you all)
This is just one box of fabric, have more, so it sould be enough!
Have great fun making your first "postcard", until next week.
Warm regards from Holland .
{sorry, for the overload on pictures, but I love taking them and putting them here.
 Click on the picture and it will get bigger}