Monday, January 14, 2019

A slow start

I spent some of my Christmas holiday period pondering this quilt... I really want to do it - because I like to be part of a group...but I do have a number of other projects to focus on this, I came to the conclusion that I could do a cut down version - only 9 blocks, and personalise them to suit places that we have been to as a family.

Firstly, that needed some googling for images etc, and secondly, I had to decide fabrics.   I started with a collection of bright blues, greens,purples etc - those of you who know me can see that happening - easily - from my stash , , , , but then I remembered a fabric I was gifted last year - it features hot air balloons which I thought went with the travel theme.   It is softer than my normal tones, so I had to go find more fabrics . . . .

The original fabric is from Natalie Bird - who is local to me in Brisbane - so after a few emails I ordered more hot air balloons and some of the others in the range.
I then added more from a couple of retail therapy trips!

This is mainly what I will be using - featuring the hot air balloons in the larger pieces of each block.  It was very hard to find a suitable stitchery background to go with the taupe coloured background.  I think what I did find will work.  I am still to settle on threads.

I have drawn up about half of my postcards, but still need some more drawings for some of the places I want to include.

The main reason for posting this is to show that I have made progress, even though I have no sewing to show - due to some minor surgery on my right index finger....Gosh I am missing my stitching . . 😭

Happy Road Tripping!


Susan said...


Fiona said...

I love your colours…. hope your finger heals up soon so you can get back to sewing....

Helen said...

Love the fabric....hope you are back sewing soon.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Ouch your poor finger. Hope you are enjoying your stitching again soon....Love the fabrics xx