Monday, April 08, 2019

Sunday is Postcard time..... Holland.
It has been a busy time here, so that means not much stitching is done.
Love to play with two different blue colors.
New design.
We are in April now so that means three months has gone by ....3 x 4 = 12 postcards.
Have to make 8 extra more postcards so my total is now 14 Postcards. 7 blocks ready.
Once again click on the picture and they get bigger.
Sorry, the pictures are not that good.
Have a very nice day.
Warm regards from Holland


Cheryll said...

I love watching all these postcards from all the different sewers.
Well done... xox

Fiona said...

Your blocks look great... love the blue thread...


Helen said...

Great certainly are motoring along with this journey....well done.

Susan said...

Lovely blocks - great to see how you personalise them.

Narelle said...

Looking good and pretty fabrics in your blocks.