Monday, May 06, 2019

For 1 minute it is .....

By the time the blog is finished and ready to go in the air, it will be Monday.
Click on the picture and it will get bigger!
postcard 15
postcard 16
Block 8
I am a little behind but the good news is that I don't have to go to work anymore.
So my traveling time can be spent on stitching time.
postcard 17
postcard 18
Did a little bit green for the trees, I like it a lot.
Block 9
Little bit fussy cutting.
How do you save your finished blocks?
I roll them around a roll of cardboard. Less folds in the blocks.
Once made a start for a block roll, now I use that piece of fabric around these blocks.
Have a nice day.
Warm regards from Holland.


Susan said...

Marga - you are doing so well - I love the green fronds on the palm trees.
I have a flat block holder so I can put mine in there = else I hang them on a coat hanger that has clips or pegs.
More sewing time?? that is always a bonus.

Fiona said...

Your blocks are looking great and I love your storage.... mine is a bit less kind and they sit in a plastic box...