Saturday, May 04, 2019

Blocks 1 & 2- Susan Oh 2 Sew

I finished my second block for the Road Trip quilt and posted it here - then realised I hadn't posted the first one here.

I suspect Madam Administrator is having hiccups over my posing and unposting - never mind - hopefully she is busy putting in new screen wire  . . .

So here is Block 1

This one is almost the same as the pattern....though I did a different plane.

This is the second block 

Once the stitcheries are finished, it's a quick job to put the block together.  

I'm not sure now if we have a "Finish Goal" but mine will be done when it's done - plenty of other projects to amuse me.

As you can see - a lot of personalisation in these blocks.  I plan on just 9 blocks (18 stitcheries) and the Postcards will represent places we went on holidays as a family - not a lot so I can keep it small.

Lots of others are well ahead of me - lots of others are not, so I will just potter away.


Cheryll said...

Your version is looking very pretty... xox

Susan said...


Fiona said...

I love your version... pottering is a lovely way to get it done...

Marga (MarPie) said...

Love it the way they look.