Sunday, February 10, 2019

Time to do a blogpost an to tell........

...that I am going to change the pattern a little bit.
First to tell you that I still love to do this.
Than that my quilt is going to be a little bit bigger, making an extra row.
That includes 8 more postcards.
Klick on the pictures and they will get bigger.
My first design, a little bit in style, soon to be valentine, and love cats.
What are you using behind the stitchery?
I am using iron on pellon h630
It gives my stitchery a little bit more puff, and you don't see the threads behind it.
Because I have to make 4 more blocks, I have 4 blocks done now.
When I lay them side by side {this is not the final layout} in one row, I notice something I don't like that much.
This is like the book. block 2 /block1
This is my way block 2/block 1
Block 1 like in the book
Block 1 my way, left corner block turned 90° upside down.
I stitched it like in the book but when I had to stitch it to the block I turned it.
Now when block 2 and 1 are sewn together there is not that big rectangle.
Sorry, for my bad Englisch.
Pictures say more than a thousend words, I hope.
Picture upbove shows what I mean.
In the red cirkel the turned one in the yellow circle the way it looks in the book.
For me I prefer the red circle.
I am not telling you to do the same, only letting you know what I found and what I like more.
That is why my blue fabric is upside down, I am letting it stay that way.
I made an other mistake in one of the blocks and I am not sure if I change it.
Sorry for the long story.
Warm regards from Holland


Fiona said...

fabulous work... you hjave done well....


Michelle Ridgway said...

Your blocks are looking lovely....nice to make them personal to you x

Susan said...

I love your story on what you are doing - you should change it to suit yourself.
Love the cat block!!

Maria said...

Gorgeous cat postcard and such great progress on the quilt.

Helen said...

Great work...its all about making it your own, keep up the good work.

ali imran said...

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